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18 Grafton Mews
London, England, W1T 5JG
United Kingdom

Food photographer Sue Atkinson and fine art photographer Mike Roles run specialist photography masterclasses in their central London studio.

Close-up Food Photography

Professional Food photographer, Sue Atkinson offers Food Photography Masterclasses in her London studio, including a one day course on Close-up Food Photography.   This course will introduce her approach to close-up and macro food photography both for commissioned commercial food photography requirements and personal interpretation.

Close up Food Photography:   One day talk/demonstration

Through discussion of her own work Sue Atkinson will introduce close-up and macro approaches to food photography both for commissioned commercial requirements and personal interpretation.

She will then demonstrate techniques for working with close-ups of cooked and still-life food subjects including technical and aesthetic considerations as appropriate to a given brief.

The workshop will also cover:

  •  selection of backgrounds, and specifically shooting against black or white
  •  set-up techniques and toolkit essentials
  •  the role of the specialist food stylist
  •  interpreting the subject
  •  lighting for texture and form
  •  camera angle and selection of lenses
  •  pattern and symmetry in composition
  •  depth of field and focus techniques
  •  capturing movement
  •  composition and working to a layout

The day will conclude with discussion on special food subjects and treatments, such as ice cream and pizza and a Q&A session.