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18 Grafton Mews
London, England, W1T 5JG
United Kingdom

Food photographer Sue Atkinson and fine art photographer Mike Roles run specialist photography masterclasses in their central London studio.

Fine Art Photography: one-day Masterclass

Experienced educationalist and Fine Art photographer Mike Roles offers Fine Art Photography Masterclasses in his London studio.

Fine Art Photography: One day Masterclass

Through examining the work of some of the masters of the genre together with examples of Mike Roles's own work this Masterclass aims to give the student an understanding of what makes a Fine Art photograph and develop their awareness of this area of practice in general.   

Through discussion it is the intention to strengthen the student's critical judgement of an image and give them the confidence to carry this over to their own work particularly in the areas of self-expression, integrity and most of all, to help to develop the art of looking and seeing.  

Topics covered will include:

  •  What makes a Fine Art Photograph
  •  Understanding of Fine Art Photography
  •  Developing skills of “looking & seeing”
  •  Strengthening critical judgement
  •  Development of the students own work